I make games and other applications, using Flash or HTML5 technology for mobile devices.
The website contents are being reorganized, updated (multilingual) content to be available relatively soon.

Duelant on Google Play

13 March 2018 |

The free action Android game “Duelant: The Way of the Longsword” is now available on Google Play.

Aztec game coming NOW!

17 June 2015 |

Are you ready to face the mexican jungle full of hostile savages and ancient armies, now?

Aztec game coming soon

2 March 2014 |


After a year, time has come to come up with a new big independent game: “Aztec: Tactical conquest”.

Divoshi: Savage war on the board

12 February 2013 |

Use your brutal intellect and savage intuition to capture the enemy chief!
Completely innovative board game.

Two Powers 2 released!

23 January 2013 |

In this turn-based strategy sequel, your spies and soldiers need to be used wisely to conquer ancient China.

Primordea 3D

Primordea 3D: prepare to dive!

13 October 2012 |

With the red-cyan glasses on, you can now dive inside the infinite depths of the primordial sea in this new anaglyph 3D game.

Unique 3D photo portal launched!

20 September 2012 |

Have you heard about 3D stereo images gaining your screen new depth? There are many ways of displaying them, using normal monitor or a special one. You can now choose your own way, and even create your own stereo photos and easily publish them online!


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