For those who liked my games

This is for anyone who still wonders if I am going to make any other game.

Quick answer: May be, but I don’t promise anything. But at least I started planning something.

For many years, I used to be active developer of indie games. I used to make them in Flash, then in HTML5 or Unity. But for the last few years, I have been employed full-time (still making games), or doing something else. I stopped caring about Google Play which constantly kept demanding my attention in updating my games already made. This is how a developer’s mind is kept sucked in the Matrix. It was relieving in some sense, to stop giving a f*ck! Now I looked at my account on Google Play and found out that all of my applications have been removed completely. O.o

And you know what? I still don’t care! If I want to start again, better as tabula rasa! I have some ideas with the graphics of Sword & Macana – a project I had left unfinished. I already started to change it into something completely different.

Anyway, I am grateful for people who used to like my games. In case you happen to come here even these days, guys… Stay tuned!

Or better not. Let’s leave it at the statement that it’s better to be surprised pleasantly.


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