Duelant: The Way of the Longsword

Mar 13, 08:44 PM |

Duelant is an action game for Android mobile phones. On your journey to the edge of the world, prepare to meet robbers, knights, barbarians, orcs and undead foes in deadly duels.

-Action: Your survival depends on precise blocking of their attacks and launching quick counter-strikes.
-Tactics: Choose your special strikes wisely for individual enemies.
-Strategy: Coordinate your character improvement with your fighting style.

Free download on Google Play



Hi. The game looks interesting. How long did it take to make it? My friend from topaustraliawriters.com and I were going to make a small game based on D&D mythology. So I’m curious how complicated it could be. My friend knows flash and java pretty good BTW

— Jason · Oct 16, 12:03 PM



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